Stephanie is a master of selecting the perfect tools
to match flawlessly with the case at hand.

Like a supreme Grace Kelly in the modern marketing world,
she gracefully and graciously aligns elements to build your brand message
with her killer eye for style and panache.

She can take an idea and turn it into a snappy squeeze page,
she can develop unique copy to stand you out from the crowd;
she can pull all of your crazy thoughts into smooth content
that will leave the competition dazed.

She can help you to avert a crisis with smart planning
or, should the worst happen,
she’ll keep it cool, calm and ever so polished.

She can strategise, corporatise, alphabetise and everything
but plagiarise to take your brand to the next level.

And now, like a strategic superhero,
she rides the waves – social, digital and print;
getting messages out, getting customers in,
and working towards a worldof global peace
and business success…

But seriously… I’m driven by a desire to find ‘the real opportunity’ for every entrepreneur I work with. I’m known for my ability to devise creative answers to tricky problems and for staying cool and calm when the heat is on.

I love matching brand strategy with the right words to achieve meaningful outcomes for clients – which has led to a number of awards from professional industry bodies (see some of those here, here and here).

Let’s work together to create killer copy so you can stand out for all the right reasons.



As for who i am – well, it makes most sense to introduce you to my (fur)family. I love animals, which is why I share my home and heart with a collection of pets. I don’t have human children, but my hairy kids keep me on my toes!

I spend much of my free time training my horse for dressage competitions – heads up, if we’re friends on social media, chances are you’ll see (many) links to horse information in my personal feed #sorrynotsorry.

Beyond the fur family, I’m slowly renovating a charming 70s farmhouse and working on convincing myself that I want to run a half marathon.